Born in 1992, Margaux Lutèce Barbier had worked for renowned luxury houses for which she ran impact projects. But it wasn't enough. She realised luxury houses try to minimize their production impact without discouraging overconsumption. Based on this observation, she came back to her first passion for fashion and decide to run her own house. Her mission ? Bringing a new alternative and conscious way in buying fashion.
Photos prise par Margaux Lutèce Barbier - fondatrice de la marque Atelier Lutèce - lors de son trek à l'Everest base camp


She decide to challenge herself and hiked the Everest base camp trek. On this journey, she discovered the technicity and quality of outdoor fashion. Too bad, with their sportswear finishes, she only wore them twice before letting them sleep in the back of her dressing. And the idea came up : why not associating the technicity of the outdoor with the style of the Parisian fashion ? The project was born.
Intérieur de la station F - lieu d'incubation de la marque Atelier Lutèce

2021 - STATION F

In September 2021, the house joined the ADN incubator based in Station F; a step embodying the start of a beautiful journey. The house works on the first prototypes and takes the time to carefully select her fabric suppliers. Performing, functionals, nobles and as much responsible as possible, our fabrics meet high standard criteria to offer you a durable and qualitative apparel.
Zoom matière sur le Merino - fibre naturelle et technique - tissu fonctionnel issu de l'outdoor (thermo-régulant, respirant, anti-bactérien) - confortable, fluide et léger - parfait pour la mi-saison


Atelier Lutèce came to life in February with the Alex Jumper, a mid-season knitwear adapted to all circumstances. As a base layer in winter or simply worn with a jean during mid-season, it has been designed for his functionality without forgetting the style. Some great projects are to come with the development of the female vestiary and the launch of the male one.